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Fitting a Steinbauer Tuning Box to a Volvo XC90 D5

The following sequence shows how a Steinbauer tuning box is fitted in less than an hour.

The customer was working in the rain and had no previous experience of fitting this sort of device.

First remove the engine cover to gain access to the injector wiring.

This is an example of the Steinbauer wiring loom. The injector cables are on the top and right, the power connectors on the bottom and the tuning box connector on the left.

The injector cables are connected to the Steinbauer loom, by removing the existing connectors and plugging them into the female connectors on the Steinbauer loom, the male connectors (bright green in the picture) on the Steinbauer loom then connect to the injectors.

The power cables are then connected close to the fuse box on the permananent feed from the battery and earthing point.

Finally the Steinbauer tuning box is mounted on top of the air filter box with velcro pads.